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International P²D² Program Director
Paul Ritter
Phone: 815-844-6113

[email protected]

International P²D² Program – Editor
Mike Soares

Phone 815-844-6113
[email protected]

International P²D² Program – Law Officers
Chief Jim Woolford

Det. Mike Henson
Phone 815-844-5148
[email protected]

International P²D² Program – Pharmacist
Nick Sartoris
Phone 815-842-6774

[email protected]

International P²D² Program – South America / Brazil Coordinator
Paulo Roberto Hubner

Erechim, Brazil
[email protected]


Alaska P²D² Program – Coordinator
Angela Hull

City and Borough of Juneau
Phone 907-586-5240

Colorado P²D² Program – Coordinator
Sergeant Aaron Munch

Phone 970-379-8421
[email protected]

Georgia P²D² Program – Coordinator

Brenda Gragg
Phone 706-391-1812

Chuck Lewis
Phone 706-599-0184
[email protected]

Danny Yearwood
Phone 706-491-9027

Kentucky P²D² Program – Coordinator

Sandra and Greg Walker
Phone 606-672-2830
[email protected]

Massachusetts P²D² Program – Coordinator

Ann McDonald
Phone 609-802-3369

Mississippi P²D² Program Coordinator

Tara Hennington, Pharm.D.
Phone 601 276-6733
[email protected]

New Jersey P²D² Program – Coordinator

Ann McDonald
Phone 609-802-3369

Tennessee P²D² Program – Coordinator

Tabatha Curtis
Phone 931 636-9087
[email protected]

Washington P²D² Program – Coordinator

Glenn Hull
City of Fife Councilmen
Phone 425-281-8355

Wisconsin P²D² Program – Coordinator

Jordyn Schara

Krystal Schara
Phone 608-434-8251
[email protected]

Pontiac Township High School